Past Headlines Oct. 4 |

Past Headlines Oct. 4

Headlines from a year ago:

Habitat rehab planned

Nevada wildlife officials have launched rehabilitation of critical wildlife habitat burned by this summer’s devastating wildfires.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife has enough cash on hand to rehabilitate about 70,000 acres of habitat. While that’s only 5 percent of more than 1.3 million acres burned – 1 million acres in Elko County alone – officials said quick action is necessary.

“We have to act quickly if we are to restore even a tiny fraction of the habitat that was lost this summer,” said Doug Hunt, the department’s acting director. “This funding is a drop in the bucket of what is needed, but we have to act now.”

Initial rehabilitation efforts will be funded by $500,000 raised under a 2001 bond act to support wildlife habitat and by $208,000 in habitat conservation fees added as a surcharge to hunting, fishing and trapping licenses.

Coach was determined to the end

Carson City teacher dies, leaving behind a legacy of strength and love

Tom Rippee will be remembered for many things, but four themes ran through conversations Tuesday with those who knew the coach. Strength. Dedication. Love. Bubble gum.

On Saturday, one day shy of his 59th birthday, Rippee’s heart – working overtime to make up for his failing lone kidney – did what Rippee never would, it gave up.

Put on dialysis four years ago and with only one kidney working at 40 percent, Rippee still went to work every day, making the 66-mile round-trip from his home in Sparks to teach wrestling and physical education to Carson Middle School students.