Past Headlines Sept. 14 |

Past Headlines Sept. 14

Headlines from a year ago:

September snow?

Cold front could dip mountain temperatures into the low 20s

The lazy days of summer and swimming in the river could end abruptly.

Carson City will get a dose of frigid air this weekend, plunging the mercury by 20 degrees and bringing gusty winds and near freezing temperatures tonight, according to the National Weather Service.

The weather system may even bring a little snow, said Rudy Cruz, a weather service specialist with the National Weather Service in Reno.

Update: Today’s weather calls for sunny skies with temps 71-81. Lows should be 41-51.

Unpopular ideas to be celebrated

In the oppressive, fictional society created by author Ray Bradbury in the book “Fahrenheit 451,” a fireman doesn’t fight fires but instead burns objectionable books.

“For those of us who protect the freedom to read, this is what we don’t want to happen,” said Cory King, cataloging librarian.

Banned Books Week is Sept. 23-30 and the Carson City Library plans to commemorate it by encouraging people to celebrate the freedom to read whatever one chooses.

Update: The 2007 banned book week will be Sept. 29-Oct. 6. For information on the event visit the American Library Association’s Web site at