Past headlines Sept. 29 |

Past headlines Sept. 29

Prisons need more staff to control inmates

Corrections director requests 264 more guards

Director of Corrections Glen Whorton has asked the governor and budget office to increase his staff of correctional officers by 264 – a jump of nearly 20 percent from the current staff of 1,362.

Whorton said the recommendation would cost an estimated $27.5 million over the next two years.

He made the statement in a response to an executive branch audit that recommended studying and possibly changing the formula used to calculate staffing levels in the Department of Corrections.

While the inmate population grew 15 percent in the past four years, the number of crimes reported within the prison system is up 113 percent.

Search continues for new library director

The search for a suitable person to take over as the Carson City Library director will continue for at least a couple more weeks. It initially was to end in mid-September.

Only 10 people have applied, and just six of them are considered qualified, according to Stacey Belt, representing the city’s human resources department during a meeting Thursday of the Library Board of Trustees.

Update: A new library director was hired in January. Sara Jones had been the administrator of the Nevada State Library and Archives. The previous director, Sally Edwards, retired in September 2006 after nearly 20 years in the position.