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Past Pages 10/10

by Trent Dolan


Three thieves were driven out of Miss Forest’s yard last night while trying to rob the chicken roost. Mr. D.L. Bliss ordered the Glenbrook mills closed down Thursday and Friday, in order to give the employees an opportunity to attend the district fair. The Pavilion will reopen today, to give everybody a chance to visit. Persons can remove their exhibits Monday.


Jack London and his Snark still are at Honolulu, and as the boat’s engine is out of repair, it is questionable when they can get away. Careful statisticians estimate that at Mr. London’s past rate of travel it will take him about 3,000 years to encircle the globe.


Mrs. R.R. Jeppson was hostess to the Tuesday evening bridge club at her home on Mountain Street on Tuesday evening. Prizes were awarded to Mesdames F.N. Dondero, George Martin and William Atkinson. Present were Mesdames George Martin, Bert Spencer, Lee Scott, Dale B. Pruett, George Egan, William Atkinson, Amos Buckner and Edgar Norton.

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Mrs. Fisher C. Bailey, honorary state regent from Reno, appeared at the October meeting of the John C. Fremont chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution with a program on “American Names.” She explained that many tribes and clans gave names denoting a man’s work or his outstanding qualities while other names were derived from religious locations and the Bible.


A woman inmate housed in the mental health unit at the maximum security prison has become pregnant, Prisons Director George Sumner confirmed last Friday. Sumner said an inmate law clerk is suspected as being responsible for the pregnancy.


Bob Cashell runs a tight ship at the Ormsby House. Since becoming general manager Budweiser beer is back to the bar and strict dress codes are now enforced. “He’s a doer,” says James Estes. “He gets the job done. You either do your work or you don’t have a job.”

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.