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Past Pages 10/12

by Trent Dolan


Awards for exhibits and premiums were given out for the fair. Mrs. Gov. Adams won an award for a handmade Passementarie. The Bad Boys exhibit won for 50 varieties of stolen bird eggs. George Kitzmeyer was given an award for his furniture. Mrs. J. H. Kinkead was given an award for a lambrequin and handkerchief box. Senator Stewart was granted an award for his snow-flake potatoes. The best display of cheese, pickles, preserves and jellies went to Mrs. Theo Winters, of Washoe Valley.


Late last evening high school janitor Murray appeared on the scene of boys ransacking the school in what they thought were “college pranks.” Today when the young men reported to school they were dismissed and it is up to the trustees to determine if they will be allowed back. The retaliation by the boys was a direct result of not allowing pupils to attend a reception in recognition of fundraising efforts for decorations in classrooms. An electrical failure had caused the reception to be canceled.


Warden William Lewis of the Nevada State Prison was the guest speaker of the 20-30 Club meeting last night. His remarks were in regards to the problems associated with running a prison with the population reaching a high point of 233 inmates. Warden Lewis gave his personal approval of the 20-30 Club’s project to fingerprint civilians and predicted it would be mandatory in the future.


Some 6,000 Jeffrey pines will be planted at the site of the Genoa fire, State Forester George Zappettini said today. Only 10 acres southwest on a hill are to be planted initially. The 60,000 trees won’t be ready for use for planting until 1959 and have to be secured from California.


Bullfrog County is not unique in Nevada history. Lander County was hacked at so many times that it became known as the “mother of counties.” The usual in Nevada history is that a large community would spring up near a mining deposit in an isolated portion of the county. Residents then complain they aren’t getting services, because the county seat is in a small town in another portion of the county. Clark County was formed from Lincoln County in 1909 in this fashion. Bullfrog County was the first county formed since Pershing County in 1919 when Lovelock residents had a similar complaint.


Bagpipes and a flight of doves precluded the eulogy of three Nevada firefighters at the Nevada Firefighters Memorial in Mills Park. About 100 people attended the ceremony honoring Timothy Baker, George Harris and Fred Steiner. Baker was a firefighter at the Nevada Test Site. He died after a wildfire burned over a fire line he was cutting on a bulldozer in 1986. Harris was a Virginia City firefighter that was killed in a 1935 wildland fire in American Flat. Steiner was 74 in 1953 and had a reputation of never missing a call in 50 years at the Sparks Fire Department. He died of a heart attack responding to a fire.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.