Past Pages 10/13 |

Past Pages 10/13

by Trent Dolan


A herd of goats took possession of the stores on Carson Street yesterday afternoon when the leader, a large Billy, became frightened and rushed into Joe Platt’s store. The herd of about 20 followed. After being driven out of Platt’s store, they went into Wells Fargo when the clerk grabbed a shipping book and began to tag them. Alarmed at the high rates they stampeded into the St. Charles Hotel, running under Geo. Tufly and flooring him. They made a break for Haggerty’s cobbler shop, and being driven out with blasphemy and shoe lasts took refuge in Olcovich’s, where they had a high time of it. The incident furnished considerable amusement for the street.


The power and lights that failed in Carson last night stayed in the background until a little after noon today. Since then they have been burning brightly, but the chances of them going out again tonight at six o’clock are high. No one seems to know the answer as to why. According to the company the station at Fleischmann has a machine that has broken down. Get your candles and lamps in readiness for tonight. It is well to be on the safe side.


J. Edgar Hoover, chief of Uncle Sam’s G-Men, will attend the annual convention of the Nevada State Peace Officers Association, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We plan to discuss the establishment of an officers training school here in the West at the Nevada meeting and Mr. Hoover is very much interested in the proposal,” State Traffic Officer William “Bill” Maher stated.


Mrs. Gabrille Nevada Nelson, a 95-year-old Carson City native recalled her early-day incidents here in a story before her appearance as the honored guest of the Nevada Day celebration. Her father used to tell a story about stagecoach driver Hank Monk who stopped in often to get warm. He would take his two fingers up and press against the corners of his eyes, flip off a thin coat of ice from his eyeballs, then soon be on his way again. She didn’t know if her father told the story as the truth, or as just a joke.


State officials said changes in the industrial insurance system will make collecting workmen’s compensation benefits more pleasant. Employee training and a boost in staffing are expected to reduce disputes.


Carson residents will get a look at the technology center to be owned by Western Nevada Community College and shared by Carson High School at a meeting of the Carson City School Board. The $5 million state-funded program will encompass 30,000 square feet.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan.