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Past Pages 10/18

by Trent Dolan


A fine place to raise good stock. Mason Valley is a little nook in Nevada about 35 miles long and of variable width. It has fairly good water facilities from the Walker River, but the river does not run enough water to furnish irrigation for the entire Valley as the water is not handled. The farmers of the valley have started right on one proposition, and that is on livestock. Most of the stockmen have started in thoroughbreds from the jump.


A morning stroll will convince the most confirmed local pessimist that a marked revival is on in the Comstock. Phil Seaman has the first and second stories of a 14-story flat completed and the lower floor of five 16-room cottages begin to loom up on Cooper’s Hall lot on North C. Street. – The Enterprise.


Efforts will be made to determine the make of gun from a bullet extracted from 16-year-old Samuel Murray Johnstone of Reno, who was killed recently when he bent over to tag a deer he had shot. A bullet had gone through his arm and into his body, severing the iliac artery. Louis Bava, who heard the boy’s groans and calls for help, said the youth had no idea who shot him or from which direction the bullet came.


Don Fowle, 28, was today hired by unanimous vote as the director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce as a full-time manager. Fowle is presently employed by the Southern Pacific Railroad in public relations. The vote followed an hourlong discussion to the question of available money for the purpose.


Assemblyman Joe Dini, D-Yerington, said that he would not run for the state’s northern seat in Congress. Dini said that pressing business demands and time needed to raise campaign funds led to his decision.


Nevada has moved up as the unhealthiness state in the union from 48 to 47th by the ReliaStar Financial Corp. The healthiest state is Minnesota. The unhealthiest states were Mississippi, Louisiana and New Mexico.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column from 1947 until his death in 2006.