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Past Pages 10/19

by Trent Dolan


The accident at Greenfield (Pizen Switch) at the race track last Saturday was one of the most terrible that has ever happened on a race track and may be a warning to men who attempt to trick the public by unfairness on the track. In the race, one rider failed to slow in a turn before a barbed-wire fence causing the horse to run through it and throwing the rider some 60 feet.


The trial of Buckaroo, the Indian, charged with killing a squaw at Fort McDermott several weeks ago began in the district court here today. The attorneys for the defense filed a demurrer in the case on the grounds that the state had no jurisdiction over the Indian who committed the crime on a government reservation and was therefore amenable to the laws of the United States for the crime. This demurrer was overruled. The outlook for the case is that the Indian will be convicted and sentenced to the gallows.


Margaret Gorman today filed suit to have her marriage annulled from Carroll Wingfield, who shot Martin Gastanaga at a Humboldt County deer hunting camp. She charges that Wingfield threatened to kill her if she refused to marry him or if he saw her with another man. They were married in Reno on Sept. 30. She says she left her husband two days later.


Dignitaries from California, Nevada and the East Coast will be on hand Sunday to unveil 20 historic markers in Gold Hill. The markers recall the boom days of Virginia City’s sister city when the population was 10,000. Gold Hill now has a population of 50. Dignitaries included William F. Sharon, descendant of late Sen. Sharon.


Carson City’s only fast-food restaurant, Dairy Queen, across from the Ormsby House is making way for a new office building. Developer and contractor Gary Liebhard will use old quarry sandstone blocks and modern materials to construct the new building.


Carson City officials discovered the strong and week points of handicap access around town. John Mayes, John Berkich and Larry Nair toured the town in wheelchairs to see the city through the eyes of the handicapped.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column from 1947-2006.