Past Pages 10/20 |

Past Pages 10/20

by Trent Dolan


Yesterday the tandem tricycle belonging to the Mighels Bros. arrived, and a trial trip was made of it. It seats two, and both riders can propel it or one. It goes almost as fast as a bicycle and the bicycle club were greatly excited over it on the streets. It is voted as good as a horse and carriage.


The short meeting of the board of Capitol Commissioners was held with Architect Curtis. The architect asked if he could modify the plans for the Governor’s Mansion to bring the cost in line with what was allowed. He said he could change the foundation from granite to cement, saving some $7,000. The board took the recommendation under advisement.


A recent act of Congress should cause resident aliens to pause and take more seriously their relationship and responsibility to the United States. The act prohibits all original enlistments of aliens in the defense forces of the United States. The act permits re-enlistment by an alien already in service proved he agrees to complete naturalization.


Dick Waters, speaker pro tem of the Nevada Assembly and longtime restaurant owner in Carson City, is not a man to let the Russians get away with anything. The Reds may have their Sputnik satellite, but today Waters came up with the answer: a Sputnik Sandwich. He says it’s “out of this world.” Waters owned the Bandanna Drive-Inn. “Washington may be slow in catching up,” the Democratic leader declared, “but Carson City is on the beam.”


(Photo caption) The State Library building is enmeshed in metal work platforms on it’s way to a face lift. Part of the remodel will include a new metal roof.


“Round these parts we don’t do trick-or-treating on Nevada Day,” said Paul Lipparelli, Carson City deputy district attorney on Carson City Supervisors moving Halloween to Oct. 30 from Oct. 31. The celebration of Nevada Day was changed in Carson City between 1947 and 1955 to accommodate the revelry of Nevada Day.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.