Past pages 10/26 |

Past pages 10/26

by Trent Dolan


The Tribune calls attention to the fact that a white woman is living with a Negro and that both parties ought to be invited to leave town. Yesterday morning a number of leading citizens were canvassing the matter and alluded that if the couple does not leave town, they will be invited to do so in a way that no one can easily mistake.


“Closed” was the sign posted in front of the State Bank and Trust Co.’s bank in this city shortly after the bank had opened for the day’s business. It is believed that it will be some time before the banking business of this company is resumed. It is thought that the financial panic in the East and the gradual slump of stocks caused the suspension. A representative of the Nye and Ormsby County Bank said people had become panicky and caused a run on State Bank and Trust, causing the closure.


Nevada may be faced with the necessity of providing additional quarters for prisoners if the growth experienced over the last three years continues. With 238 inmates there is an all-time high for prisoners at the institution. At present growth, the cell block capacity will be reached in three months. The growth of prisoners is expected with lengthened longevity as illnesses, insanity and various diseases gain in number.


A Carson City junior varsity game with Sparks has been canceled so that the JV’s can be used to fill out the varsity, which has been depleted by injuries, illness and ineligibility, Carson coach Harry Dickson announced today.


Nevada’s water situation is faring so poorly it will take a snow pack of 140 percent to avoid a drought next summer, according to a representative from the Desert Research Institute. Dr. Joseph Walburton said Lake Tahoe’s water level is 75 percent of normal, while Topaz Lake is 37 and Lake Lahontan is 49 percent of normal.


Bonnie Parnell, a Carson teacher is Nevada Teacher of the year. “I’m still shocked,” Parnell said during a lunchtime interview. The 21-year teaching veteran said “I’m still just kind of reeling from all of it.”

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.