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Past pages 10/26

Headlines from a year ago:

This grand marshal won’t be waving

A truck will haul Inyo down Carson Street for annual parade

This Nevada Day, the parade grand marshal will not be wearing a broad grin, nor waving at the crowd.

This year’s 34-ton grand marshal will be cruising on the back of a low-boy trailer. And if anybody is waving, it’ll be the passengers in the engineer’s cab.

Update: George Knapp, an investigative television reporter from Las Vegas, is the grand marshal for this year’s Nevada Day parade – the festival’s theme is one of his specialties: Area 51.

Collision into building closes business

An elderly driver lost consciousness and slammed into the front wall of Office Depot on Wednesday, causing damage to the structure and forcing inspectors to close the business down.

Deputy Wayne Gray said driver Kenneth Norris, 74, and his wife, Barbara, 71, were both transported to the hospital by ambulance following the 11:48 a.m. accident at Carson Street and Fairview Drive.