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Past Pages 10/27

by Trent Dolan


And still the Indian Autumn hangs over Nevada with a climatic luxuriousness that makes a man think that Southern California is a malarious hog hole compared to it.


Jack Marshall, bank examiner for the state of Nevada, had tendered his resignation to the board several days ago. Major Miller, of Elko, has been appointed to succeed him. No announcement of the resignation was made until a representative of the Appeal secured the same from the state office. Whether the coming crash of the banks of the state was foreseen by Marshall and the fact that he resigned as a result is not known. It is a curious state of affairs and one that will bear investigating.


Events leading up to the creation of Nevada as a state will be dramatized over radio station KOH in Reno sponsored by Nevada Unlimited, a state publicity organization. The broadcast will cover meetings with President Lincoln and his cabinet, political jockeying in Congress and the enabling act to permit the territory of Nevada to call a constitutional convention.


Rotary Club Cub Scout pack 333 held a Halloween costume party at the Intermediate school recently. Applause from the audience indicated the top two winners. Ken Reil of den 4 was awarded first prize for his pumpkin costume. Gary Bishop of den 5 won second for his impersonation of a tramp. Achievement awards were given to Donald Hardy, Dennis Oddo, Robert Clark, Richard Kurtz, Larry Ceragoili, Lee Pochop, Eric Gourley, Stanley Pochop, Terry Graham, Danile Muldoon, Terry McDonald, Leonard Pierini, and Gregory Francis.


For the first time in a generation, a Nevada financial institution was closed Friday because of insolvency, the 14th Savings and Loan in the nation be liquidated. The $13.5 million in assets of the Minden-based Sierra Savings and Loan Association were transferred Friday to Nevada Savings and Loan of Las Vegas.


Approximately 500 volunteers turned out to clean up the Carson River on Saturday from the crest of the Sierra Nevada to the Stillwater marshes, according to Dan Kaffer, an event organizer. The event was originally started by the Kiwanis Club.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.