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Past pages 12/19

Sue Ballew

120 Years Ago

George Meyer’s new store will be ready to transact business today. He began to unpack his goods several days ago, and from that moment, his friends were on hand to make purchases.

100 Years Ago

An order withdrawing the federal troops now stationed at Goldfield, Nevada, was issued by President Roosevelt. The order of withdrawal calls for the return of the troops to their regular barracks at the Presidio and Monterey on December 30, 1907. The president gives his reason in recalling federal troops from the southern mining camp of Nevada that at the present time, nor in the past, has there been any insurrection or rioting, and that when the troops were ordered to the camp the conditions existing there had been in a measure misrepresented to him.

70 Years Ago

Berlin: Approximately 1,200 political prisoners are released during the holidays under an amnesty decree to be issued by Adolf Hitler. The measure was not an amnesty because it applied only to prisoners who have been detailed in concentration camps or prisons without having been sentenced or even charged with offenses.

50 Years Ago

The owners of two competing hotels agreed on the location of the annual Christmas party for youngsters at Sunny Acres, the state children’s home in Carson City. Hosts for the traditional gathering are Mert Wertheimer and Norman Biltz. “We’re partners in the party, but it belongs to the Riverside. You’ve got the entertainment, the place where the kids are used to greeting Santa Claus, and it wouldn’t be the same any other place.”

20 Years Ago

The former Miami model Donna Rice was racing down the ski slopes at the Sugar Bowl resort the day before presidential hopeful Gary Hart announced he was back in the race for president.

10 Years Ago

A potential Yerington murder plot was foiled and the community is left in shock as at least one high school sophomore was arrested with four other students being question in what law enforcement officers intercepted to be a hit list of potential victims at Yerington High School.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.