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Past Pages

by Sue Ballew

120 Years Ago

All sorts: Tuesday Blumental and Cohen received a lot of Harrison and Cleveland hats and by 2 o’clock all the Harrison hats were sold, and but two of the Cleveland hats had been bought. They sent a dispatch for more Harrison hats. (1888 was an election year.)

100 Years Ago

The telegrams that Preston received today assuring him that he will be freed from the “pen” in case he is elected may give him some hope, anything will help to keep up his spirits. A convicted felon serving a term in the penitentiary, a party nominee for President, is a new one, and is probably about the only chance, the West, could have toward securing a Presidential nominee.

70 Years Ago

Representative James G. Scrugham addressed the Lions Club and warned that the United States is rapidly becoming facism “because the people themselves seem to want that form of government.” He is confident that people will apply the brakes to the tendency before it becomes dangerous.

50 Years Ago

One of the loveliest of the early summer weddings took place on Saturday when Bonnie Jean Boice became the bride of Raymond Robert Wright. The wedding was held at the First Methodist Church with Rev. Fred Rinehart officiating in the double ring rite. Bonnie made an exquisite picture in her wedding gown of white nylon Chantilly lace over deep luster satin that was made by the groom’s mother Bridesmaid was Jeanie Whitlock and Patty Doherty was flower girl. Best man was the groom’s brother, Harold Wright.

20 Years Ago

Last minute filings for Carson City’s top post include slot shift manager for the Ormsby house, Floyd E. Randell as the first to file; investor Bill Reeves; the disabled veteran Rhinestone Cowboy; Vaughn Smith, former Carson City Clerk-Treasurer, and retired IBM salesman, Marv Teixiera.

10 Years Ago

Photo caption: William Burden, 6, and his brother Kenneth, 7, share some cotton candy at the Mills Park carnival. Joey Templen spins cotton candy at the cotton candy booth she operates at the carnival.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.