Past Pages for April 4 to 7, 2020 |

Past Pages for April 4 to 7, 2020

By Sue Ballew and Trent Dolan


150 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Dentistry. Dr. Glynn of Placerville, California, may be found at his office over Gibson’s ‘Sazarac’ Saloon, where he will be pleased to wait upon all those who may desire his services in any line of Dentistry. All work neatly done and warranted to give satisfaction. Advice Free. Chloroform administered if desired.”

140 Years Ago

Miscellaneous: Miss Florence Nightingale is a great invalid and rarely leaves her room; yet there are few busier women in the world. She is never idle.

John P. Smith was sent to Indiana State prison for wife whipping, and she set about getting him pardoned. While making a long journey on foot, to get signatures to her petition, her baby froze to death in her arms. This shows how stupid some women are.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: The Belmont Courier says that Spring has come. There were nine fights in Belmont last week. Carson is doing about as well and keeping up its end in the fighting line.

100 Years Ago

Methodist Church Easter Services: Sermon subject: “Finding the Holy Grail.” Easter musical service in the evening at 7:30. Miss Evalena Rickey of Minden will read the beautiful story of “The Love Watch,” and a program of special Easter music will be given by the choir. J. L. Collins, Pastor.

50 Years Ago

Census: 63 million census forms are going out, the biggest mass mailing of the decade to determine how many representatives each state gets in the House. The Constitution requires a census every ten years.

20 Years Ago

Photo caption: In memory of… Flowers and a cross mark the spot where Krystal Steadman’s body was found. A celebration of life will take place at Sierra Community Church in Tahoe.


150 years ago

Great Fire in Washoe City. About 1 o’clock yesterday morning a fire broke out in Washoe City, and was first discovered in the rear of a lodging house. The flames rapidly spread and destroyed the entire block of buildings, including the two story brick Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall, the hotel a restaurant, barber shop, bakery, etc.

140 years ago

The Prospector. He came in yesterday from the Esmeralda country, and his rain-moistened and mud-covered garments, his sluggish and uncertain gait, and an un unmistakable weariness in his eye told that our friend had had a rough time of it. In answer to an enquiry why he didn’t come by stage, we were informed that the walk was made on principle — that he opposed all monopolies, stage monopolies included, and that consistency was his favorite piece of jewelry (see The Prospector).

130 years ago

The snowfall on the Comstock last Winter was twelve feet and two inches.

120 years ago

Notice to Dog Owners. The dog license is now due and payable at the office of the Sheriff. All parties owning dogs will procure a tag for the same. All dogs found without tags will be destroyed. Wm. Kinney, City Marshal.

100 years ago

The Industrial Insurance commission allowed “Billy” Beals, on a claim of permanent partial disability, the sum of $1,738.18. Beals, it will be remembered, lost his left foot though a gun accident while in the employ of the Virginia Water company.


150 years ago

The Sazerac Saloon was opened last evening in the new place — Doyle’s old stand on the corner of Carson and Thingcumbob streets (We shall never know the names of our streets until the commissioners cause signs to be put up.) The new saloon is very neat; and “the tiger” which has his nest there seems to be as great a favorite as ever.

140 years ago

The Prospector (continued from Sunday). We first say the prospector at Goodyear’s Bar in 1850; we next met him at Sear’s diggings in 1852; he drifted about till 1858, when we encountered him in the Frazer River country; and at irregular periods since we have seen him in Cariboo, Reese River, Pioche an mining camps without number in this state. He now hails from Squaw Hollow, a new district of which he claims to be a discoverer; but his real home is clouded with the veil as mysterious and impenetrable as the one hanging about the birthplace of Homer or Cervantes. (see The Prospector).

130 years ago

A young Miss who attended Sunday School for the first time was asked what she had learned. “Well,” she said, “It was to bring to bits for a present for the minister, to sell three tickets for the Concert and that Jonah swallowed the Whale.”

120 years ago

The meeting of the Silver Party State Central Committee is hereby called to meet at the Court House at Reno on Thursday. The purpose of said meeting are: The calling of a State Convention, fixing time and place.

100 years ago

Lest we forget it might be appropriate if the Highway department has forgotten its promise to immediately put a small crew to work on the Kings Canyon road to Lake Tahoe.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan.