Past Pages for November 28 to December 1, 2020 |

Past Pages for November 28 to December 1, 2020

By Sue Ballew and Trent Dolan

Saturday, Nov. 28

145 Years Ago

Aiding the sufferers:  Among the efforts made by citizens in aid of the sufferers of the Virginia fire, the Board of Directors of the Orphans’ Home have at the telegraphic solicitation of gentlemen in Virginia, received quite a number of little ones left homeless and in complete destitution.  They are being clothed and made comfortable and will be well cared for until their friends can make proper provision for them.

140 Years Ago

A sad accident:  Llewellen Meder was shot by Superintendent Crawford.  Llewellen M. Meder, employed in Senator Meder’s flouring and grain mill, was shot in the side by the accidental discharge of a Winchester rifle which Superintendent Crawford of the U. S.  Mint was engaged in cleaning. 

Drs. White and Lee reached the sufferer and found that the ball had entered the left side and passed out near the spiral process.  The ball was picked up on the floor a few minutes after the accident. 

130 Years Ago

A new chief:  Piute [sic] society circles are in a flutter according to the Walker Lake Bulletin.  A son and heir was born to the house of Captain Sweet-a-Cake.  The young chief has blue eyes and a suspiciously light complexion.  Sweet-a-Cake has been reading swill barrels for the past few days and has accumulated many choice tid-bits which will be dispensed with a lavish hand.

100 Years Ago

Grand Theater remodeled (once called the Opera House):  J. H. Blackwell, in charge of the theater in Carson City, states he hopes to give the first show in the house this month.  In the meantime the C & C theater building (Carson City Theatre) is crowded to capacity showing the best movies in filmdom.

70 Years Ago

Advertisement:  “C. C. Chevrolet—1946 Ford V-8, 4-dr. $895; (heater, antifreeze, O.D. $50). 1949 Ford V8 Custom $1455 (Heater, sun-visor, A-Freeze $50). 1949 Chevrolet 6, 4-dr. $1495…”

20 Years Ago

Advertisement:  “Ironwood Theater—‘The Grinch,’ ‘Men of Honor,’ ‘Little Nicky,’ ‘Red Planet.’

Sunday, Nov. 29

145 years ago

A busy railroad. On Monday there were forty-six trains of cars passed over the Virginia and Truckee Railway. This is the biggest day’s work every done on the road. On Sunday and Saturday, each, there were forty trains of cars run. They don’t beat this kind of railroading much, anywhere.

130 years ago

The Chinese merchants say that the White faro game run in Chinatown threatens the peace and quiet of that neighborhood.

120 years ago

The annual report of Fourth-Assistant Postmaster General Bristow for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1900, shows that the total number of postoffice in Nevada is 188, those in the Presidential class numbering 9. Nine postoffice were established and seven discontinued.

110 years ago

One of the most shocking accidents that ever occurred in Manhattan district, resulting in the death of L.F. Golish, manager of the water company there when he fell down a well, some 75 feet to his death. He was found on a platform above the water, which he had fallen through and then climbed back to, before he expired.

100 years ago

Sharpening Skates. The past couple of cold nights have formed the first ice of the season and the kiddies are sharpening their skates in anticipation of enjoying skating.

Tuesday, Dec. 1

145 years ago

Death on the Track. Man Killed Near the Carson Depot. By some almost unaccountable fatality we were not placed in possession of the fact that a man named Coolidge had been killed on the railway track near the Carson street depot on Tuesday until the Appeal of yesterday had gone to press. Yesterday Coroner Meder held an inquest on the remains.

130 years ago

This is regular old fashioned Nevada weather. For weeks and weeks the sun has hung all day in a cloudless sky, and the moon has an uninterrupted expanse of sure to shine in.

120 years ago

Twenty thousand persons went through bankruptcy last year, but Nevada only furnished the least number. Only six residents of this State took advantage of the act.

110 years ago

Last week the Reveille noted the fact that Austin merchants were feeling and enjoying a season of prosperity that had been strange in the town for many months. Further inquiry discovers that two main reasons were the increase in working and payroll and the other, of equal importance, was the abolition of gambling a month and a half ago.

100 years ago

The first of the series of Chautauqua entertainments will be given at the auditorium of the high school. The first evening is in the hands of the “Regneirs,” recognized headliners in entertainment. The program consists of musical entertainment, soprano and tenor solos, trombone solos, pianologues and impersonations.