Past Pages for November 30 to December 3, 2019 |

Past Pages for November 30 to December 3, 2019

Sue Ballew and Trent Dolan


150 Years Ago

Sierra Seminary, roll of honor: November 26th, 1869: Mary and Sarah Bragg, Hattie Verrill, Therese Tufly, Fannie Elstner, Ada and Mollie Holmes, Eddie Allen, Eddie Yerington, Vernon Little.

140 Years Ago

Tramps: Several men were run out of Virginia City and made a bee line for Carson. It takes four days for a gang of tramps to make the distance between here and the Comstock. They are ill conditioned in appearance, greasy in attire and lousy all over. Three of them were found in the alley back of the County Jail and arrested. Since arrival in jail the prisoners have been busy battling with vermin. So long as they have no manual labor to undergo, they are as happy as the happiest of men and the counties of Ormsby, Storey and Washoe can go to blazes if they like. It might be a good plan to hire the Indians to exterminate the tramps by offering them a bounty of one dollar a piece for scalps.

130 Years Ago

John Winnie: The son of Ben Winnie, John, died on Sunday morning. He was 13. It is claimed that he ate about three pounds of figs and smoked a cigarette. He was seized with severe pains in the bowels and died in a few hours. It is presumed from the effects of the large quantity of figs taken into the stomach.

100 Years Ago

Working coal mine, near Coaldale: H. A. Darms, president and general manager of the Darms Coal Mining company, operating a coal property near Coaldale, brought in a quantity of coal and distribute it among friends. Mr. Darms announced that Joe Farrell and W. J. Mulcoy have secured a contract to continue sinking the shaft an additional fifty feet. Eight men are at work. (Tonopah Times)

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Art show set — The public is invited to attend “Art in the Studio,” a display of the works of four artists at 112 E. John St., behind Ruggero’s Beauty Salon. Noreen Humphreys, will show her works along with Jane Gigli, Alice Tresidder and Faye Lyle…

20 Years Ago

Top Video sales: ‘Big Daddy,’ ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ ‘Yellow Submarine,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘The Mummy,’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz.’”


150 years ago

Death of a Favorite Old Veteran. — Dan Dean’s good old setter dog “Don” died yesterday after along illness. Don was more than twelve years old and came here to the sage brush was a mere pup. He was buried with becoming ceremonies.

130 years ago

Jake Cohn started out from M. Cohn’s Saturday night to herd horses in the hills. The fog was so thick he lost his way, and finally reached a log cabin, where he spent two nights. Yesterday the fog lifted and he returned to the ranch. He says he lost seven pounds and a half.

100 years ago

Senator Charles B. Henderson, Nevada’s junior in the upper house of Congress, was an arrival on the morning train from Reno and while here spent most of his time visiting the many friends and supporters he possesses in this city.

70 years ago

Laddie Furlong was elected president of the Capitol Gun Club of Carson City at a meeting of the newly-formed group at the civic auditorium last night. The sportsmen decided to hold a shoot Sunday morning at the skeet grounds near the Carson airport and J. W. Schumacher was appointed shooting master.

50 years ago

(Photo Caption) A closed door preview of the new DISCO Wonderworld Department Store in the Carson City Mall attracted several hundred invited guests Sunday who toured the new business and were served refreshments

30 years ago

At the beginning of the 1980s, Nevadans, like their neighbors in California, were hopping mad about high property taxes and demanding dramatic reductions. In 1981 the Legislature responded by cutting property taxes by about 50 percent, recovering income by raising the sales tax. A special committee of legislators already has begun to hold meetings around the state in an effort to find tax increases that are palatable to residents.


150 years ago

Sheriff Cummings of Storey County delivered to the prison a man by the name of V.C. Cleaveland. This young man was convicted of forgery and sentenced to two years. He will now have to lay aside the quill for the more practical art of stone cutting.

130 years ago

The Word “Sierra.” Some of the coast editors are defending the plural use of the word “Sierras” on the ground that we speak of the “Rockies.” Rocky is an English word and can properly be used in the plural with a final “s.” Sierra is itself a plural word and it needs nothing more. The man who walks of “the Sierras” will naturally say hippotamusses instead of hippopotami or memorandums instead of memoranda.

100 years ago

Tomorrow evening the Chautauqua Festival opens at Assembly hall, high school building at 8 p.m. Tom Corwine, the humorist and polyphonist, will entertain the public the first evening. As one press notice states, “He shatters gloom with a thousand laughs.”

70 years ago

A state is not safe when there is a lot of venereal disease floating around, Dr. Daniel J. Hurley, state health officer, declared today. “For that reason,” he said, “an intensive drive against syphilis is being waged in Nevada.”

50 years ago

Fearing the return of district-leased land to the public domain because of insufficient capital improvements, the Carson City School Board of Trustees last night agreed to request the Bureau of Land Management to permanently classify certain acreages for future community recreation and school sites.

30 years ago

Nevada hospital charges, which many assumed would decline because of a state price rollback, actually climbed 14.1 percent between 1987 and 1988.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan.