Past Pages Oct. 4 |

Past Pages Oct. 4

by Trent Dolan


The bicycle club will visit the race track today to see if it is adapted to racing. (The track was on East Musser Street where the Sheriff’s Department is today.) It proposed to have a quarter mile race, one-eight race, a slow race and a race without handles. The slow race is really a better race to show one’s ability. The riders go between two given points and the last one to cross the line wins.


Escaped Red Recaptured. Frank Winnemucca and John Jackrabbit, two 10-year-old Paiute Indian boys, ran away from the Stewart Indian School on Sunday morning and walked to Reno, arriving there early Monday. The little fellows immediately found the Indian camp in Reno and were playing with some other children when Dick Bender, the special policeman at Stewart, who had tracked them all the way from Carson, happened into the camp. John Jackrabbit took to the hills and is still missing.


A California wedding party of two couples indulged too much speed while driving along Carson Street this forenoon. City Marshal Dority stopped the fast driving and the driver deposited $5 as bail to guarantee appearance before the justice of the peace on a speeding charge.


Joe Smalley, who will be 111 on Oct. 12 in Plant City, Fla., was resting comfortably today in a hospital with a leg infection but a bit perturbed. It was Smalley’s first visit to a hospital – ever.


Nevada’s volunteer firemen may get a break under a verbal ruling by District Court Judge Michael Fondi declaring the Nevada statute, commonly known as the “heart bill” unconstitutional. The ruling came after a case involving Storey County Volunteer Fire Chief Al Sebastian, who suffered a heart attack while fighting a fire in Six Mile Canyon. He was denied compensation by the State Industrial Insurance System (SIIS)


Douglas County will pay up to $5,000 of the demolition costs for the old power dam south of Gardnerville. The dam, located on the east fork of the Carson River, was ordered removed by State Engineer Mike Turnipseed.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.