Past Pages Oct. 5 |

Past Pages Oct. 5

by Trent Dolan


There is a superstition among railway workers that train accidents always happen in threes. Last week there was a wreck at Cape Horn Mills, where several cars derailed. Then on Wednesday at Boca an engine was about to couple the caboose on the train when the latter broke loose and came down on the caboose, seriously damaging it. Then on Thursday night at the Summit two trains ran into each other, damaging both considerably.


George T. Mills yesterday received 30 dozen crawfish for planting in this state. They came from Astoria, Ore., and yesterday Fish Culturist Thomas took 15 dozen of them to Reno where they will be planted in the Truckee River. Mr. Crow took five dozen to the Carson River and Mr. Mills took the remainder to Washoe Lake.


J.P. Fodrin was not lucky on the weekend deer hunt and will have to try to get his venison later this year in the mountains west of Carson. Dick Gamwell’s deer was a very large and wide five point on one side and four on the other and weighed in at Austin at 186 pounds. Melvin’s three pointer weighed 155 pounds. Another hunter led the Austin pool with a buck of 1891Ú2 pounds.


The Junior Leisure Hour Club is planning a dinner party. The fall membership party will be Oct. 12 according to president Betty Ross. Co-chairwomen Mrs. Archie Pozzi Jr. and Mrs. Clayson Trigero have announced the following committees: decorations chairwoman Mrs. Bill Cardinal and Mesdames Frank Brown, Stan Peters, Don Amodei, Jack LaGrange, Charles Hill, Elmo DeRicco, Gene Lencioni, Sam Handy and Ralph Preece.


Half of the men making license plates in the Nevada State Prison are serving life sentences. For five and a half hours a day, inmates are allowed to be away from the rest of the prison population making license plates. They earn between .60 cents and $1.50 per hour. There is a two-year wait for job openings at the factory.


The State Fair will stay in Reno in 1998. Carson City has courted the fair for a number of years and interest was high this year because the 25-year lease with the events center ended. Carson City Supervisors invited the state fair to the capital in June.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.