Past pages Sept. 30 |

Past pages Sept. 30

by Sue Ballew

120 Years Ago

W. J. Marsh, of Fort Churchill, although busy with real estate deals in Los Angeles, is represented by magnificent specimens of a Shorthorn breed, thirteen in number.

100 Years Ago

187 sacks of Mohawk ore were uncovered at Coaldale. A detective named Slyde got a clue and went to Coaldale, which is a town of a few houses on the railroad and there, in a cellar, he stumbled on the ore which had been there for quite some time Ð valued at between $50,000 and $60,000.

70 Years Ago

Nels Glover lost no time in going to Reno to claim his Oldsmobile sedan, stolen last Saturday, and recovered by Reno police. The machine had been driven about a hundred miles, Glover said. As the thief supposedly has a set of keys to the car in his possession, Glover will have the lock changed.

50 Years Ago

Susie Davis, native Nevadan and resident of Carson City died after a brief illness. Miss Davis retired in 1950 as telephone operator in Virginia City, where she had worked for 44 years. She had her own system for counting during her service on the Virginia City switchboard (as she was blinded at the age of 3 in a childhood accident). She was a Life Member in the Telephone Pioneers of America. Miss Davis was born in the old mining town of Sutro in 1886, the daughter of J. Marshal Davis and Minnie Hancock Davis.

20 Years Ago

Elderly Americans should have “the same protection a criminal is entitled to in court.” There should be federal standards to protect senior citizens from unwarranted or abusive relationships according to Claude Pepper, 87, chairman of the House Select committee on Aging’s health subcommittee.

10 Years Ago

Photo caption – Some of Carson City’s more precious products are newborns: Michaela Golden, Nicholas Sprague, Manual Martinex-Castanon and Adie Cone. All are sporting ‘Made in Carson’ T-shirts.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.