Past pages 10/24 |

Past pages 10/24

by Trent Dolan


From Frank Bradley we learn that while men were employed in breaking ground for a foundation in Ione, a box was found containing the remains of a white person with the head sawed in two. The box and remains were found where the fire occurred recently. The citizens of Ione suspect the remains to be those of a man who was reported many years ago as having mysteriously disappeared from that section of Nye County.


State Auditor Nate Roff, one of the best known men of the state, was thrown from a buggy in Reno yesterday and broke both legs. Roff and Ben Litt were riding in the city when the carriage horse was scared by a street car, which had stopped on the wrong side of the crossing. The injuries were very painful and will keep Roff in his home for several months.


Sixteen civilian conservation camps will be operated in Nevada during the three months beginning Oct. 1. Thirteen of the camps will remain at their present location and three will be reestablished at previously-occupied campsites. The new camps will be in Paradise Valley, Logandale and Panaca. The other camps are at Boulder Dam (2); Pioche (6); Moapa, Weeks, Oreana and two near Ely.


The Carson City Lions Club celebrates 25 years as a community group. District Lions governor and attorney Howard Cannon of Las Vegas praised Carson Lions for its service to the community.


Washoe Medical Center has taken the pressure off Carson-Tahoe Hospital, saying all the indigent transfers from Carson were legitimate. A spokesman for Washoe Medical Center said it has dropped seven of 11 charges it made against the hospital for patient dumping.


State biologists have started draining Spooner Lake in hopes of replacing hybrid tiger, trout and rainbow in favor of Lahontan trout. Biologists hoped that draining the lake will do a better job than using chemicals, such as rotenone. The substance was recently used at a cost of $2 million to depopulate fish at California’s Lake Davis.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.