Pet adoptions: Tim the kitten needs a home |

Pet adoptions: Tim the kitten needs a home

Hi everyone, I’m Tim!

You may have heard my story. I was transported from Las Vegas to Reno in May (with my 4 siblings and 10 other cats) by a kind cat lady and her husband (she works at NHS). I was only 4 weeks old so I went into a foster home to become big and strong. Then, during a routine vet visit, the vets noticed an abnormal heartbeat. My lifesaving adventure began.

I went to California to see a cardiologist. She said I was in bad shape but surgery could save me. I came back to Reno, and made an appointment (ok, my foster human made it) at Sierra Veterinary Specialists. They are local and fabulous! I had to wait a couple months to get a bit bigger so that I could handle surgery, and then on Sept. 14 I was given the all clear. My surgery was amazing, I healed well, and my heart is normal!

It’s been a journey to say the least. So many cool humans helped me, from my foster family, to my PR team, to the doctors and surgeons. NHS is now tallying up my bills and goodness, they went above t and beyond to save my life! I’d really like to see our community step up to help cover that cost. Even $10 or $20 helps.

Here’s my sad plea. My PR human sent out a special notice the other day asking people to donate and to help me find a home. Normally, she gets a big response on special pets like me but this time virtually no one reached out! So I’m asking you to not only help donate by calling 775-856-2000, ext. 324 but also to help me find a home. I love the people I’ve been hanging out with but their houses are full! And I love people so much … I’d really just like to find a family this week! Going home would mean the world to me after my big (and long) adventure.

Won’t you please help me find a family that can take me forever?