Pete Livermore: Newly passed laws have a large impact here |

Pete Livermore: Newly passed laws have a large impact here

Pete Livermore

Many of you have heard about our success with Assembly Bill 356, which opens the door to a plan to preserve the Nevada State Prison. Since the bill passed and was signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval, committees have been meeting, and efforts are under way to preserve this historical landmark. We do not want to see it destroyed. There were other successful pieces of legislation I introduced that were passed into law and have not been reported on, but still affect many of you.

AB 129 provides for the issuance of special license plates honoring peace officers who have received certain medals or the equivalence thereof. Peace officers — the men and women who protect our homes and neighborhoods — are a diverse group of heroes from all backgrounds and heritages. I wanted to find a way to honor them and their family members, who provide the support necessary to their service. This law authorizes them, or a family member who received the Medal of Honor or its equivalent, to apply for the issuance of license plates specially designed to honor the holders of such medals or their equivalents.

AB 255 provides for an audit concerning the use by the Department of Health and Human Services of certain assessments paid by the counties to the department. This bill served two purposes, the most important of which is the added transparency of how government funds are being used and spent. The bill also let the Department of Health and Human Services know that the counties paying it various assessments have a right to access the audit trail of those funds.

AB 266 revises provisions relating to veterans. Army Capt. Caleb Cage, then the executive director of the Office of Veterans Services, honored me by supporting this bill. Nevada’s definition of a veteran did not match the federal definition, causing some confusion and problems for some of our veterans. This law redefines a veteran to match that of the federal law. Our veterans deserve the privileges and benefits afforded by our laws.

There were two bills I introduced that ultimately did not pass but did effect change. AB 265 revises provisions relating to the offense of sexual conduct between certain employees of a school or volunteers at a school and a pupil. Vital portions of this bill were adopted into another bill dealing with the same subject. Our children area bit safer today from sexual predators.

AB 339 revises provisions governing compensation for overtime. This bill, which clarified the payment of overtime, was supported by unions, businesses and many others. It got caught up in the last-minute business and failed to pass. But the concept was so popular, the labor commissioner decided he could make the necessary changes through regulation.

And I’m pleased to say that I was a cosponsor of AB 173, which prohibits the Public Utilities Commission from allowing certain utilities to install time-of-use meters or charge residential customers higher rates for power use at certain hours without their consent.

If you have any questions about any of these laws or wish to suggest legislation for the 2015 session, please do not hesitate to contact me. My Assembly email is, or please call 775-882-5056. Thank you.

Pete Livermore represents District 40 in the Nevada Legislature.