Plan could solve country’s health care woes |

Plan could solve country’s health care woes

Plan could solve country’s health care woes

I read in the Reno Gazette-Journal how our elected state officials came up worth a health care plan to benefit all of the state employees. I only have one question, what about the rest of the residents in the state, don’t they deserve a good health care plan? There is a whole lot of people in this state earning a hell of a lot less than the state employees do, who live in fear of having a health emergency for themselves or one of their family. Are they just chopped liver to the elected state officials?

The only sure way to make health care the best and at an affordable rate for every citizen of our great country ($100 per month for every citizen) is a socialized health care plan run by a civilian system without any ties to federal or state government. They would be directly responsible to the president and his appointed watchdog staff.

I wrote a socialized health care plan that is completely workable and could be up and running within six months after inception. I actually wrote it two years ago and was handing it out at garage sales I went to. I’m sure our elected officials (state and federal) and news media have seen a copy of it. Elected officials are probably trying to keep it quiet until after the election in November because they know if the American public ever knew about a health care plan such as this that would eliminate all of their woes at a cost per person this low, there would be a lot of officials looking for new employment if they didn’t vote to get the system up and running by November.

The greatest thing about a socialized health care system is, it eliminates co-pays and the need for any additional insurance plans. The other great advantage of the system is, it really won’t matter wherever you might be in this country and you need medical attention, go to the nearest medical facility and you will be seen, no questions asked.

Bob Snider