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Police went too far against blind protester

JAMES E. PIERCE, Gardnerville

I am shocked by the AP photo published in your Jan. 7 issue of the Nevada Appeal, of the Dade-Miami Police standing over a prostrate blind man clutching his folding cane. The image of police arresting a blind protester certainly does absolutely nothing for the image of police in general – in my opinion!

The poor blind man is already a prisoner due to blindness – does that poor man need handcuffs as well? The police need to keep order, but move the poor blind man out of harm’s way – don’t arrest him protesting the return of a child to that slimy Fidel Castro – use some common sense. Congress should award this child honorary citizenship and not return him to a communist dictator like Castro. Will our gutless wienies in Congress oblige? I doubt it. The whole mess is a no-brainer!