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Popcorn Stand: This story is GOAT

The latest old fuddy duddy rant about “these kids today, whadda ya gonna do?” has a twist. Yes, I’m writing about noisy kids. But they’re goats.

We here in Carson City know a thing or two about using goats to eat weeds and sheep to reduce wildfire threats. But the people in West Boise, Idaho, didn’t appreciate waking up to goats grazing in their yards.

I really haven’t been around goats that much, but it’s my understanding they can be quite noisy. And when they’re hungry they really like to grunt.

So people’s alarm clock recently was a large number of hungry goats, grunting and eating their yards.

Then eventually the goats went on the lamb, er, lam. It turns out the goats were rogue lawn mowers.

They had been rented to chew on the lawn on a nearby retention pond when they escaped. No kidding.

Animal Control had trouble reigning in all the unruly kids.

But the humanity ended as the company responsible — aptly named We Rent Goats — were able to round up the animals.

No word if the goats were unhappy with We Rent Goats and their working conditions and escaped because they were going on strike.

Although when it comes to this story, the fact it’s a goat story is appropriate. Because when it comes to goat eating lawn stories it’s GOAT — Greatest Of All Time.

— Charles Whisnand