Reid asked to get involved in Fuji Park |

Reid asked to get involved in Fuji Park

FEATHER BLAKE, Concerned Citizens for Fuji Park

Addressed to Sen. Harry Reid:

My name is Feather Blake. I am a citizen, a resident of Nevada, a taxpayer and a firm believer in good government.

I do realize you have many more weighty matters to deal with than local city politics. However, this is the capital of the state you represent, so I would like to bring our plight to your attention.

This concerns our board of supervisors selling land across from Fuji Park to the Costco chain. This does not concern Costco per se – we are not against Costco – our objection is the location where the new store is to be built and the manner in which the sale was handled.

Fuji Park is the real issue, the arena, horse barns, stream, lovely trees, picnic area, wildlife and the peace of this place. None of these things can be “relocated” to somewhere and someplace in the distant future which is the bone we are being thrown so the entire place can be sold and paved over.

This is the only fairgrounds in the county and the only one in the state with both a beautiful and functional arena plus a wonderful family setting for outdoor recreation. There really are some things that cannot be moved.

We want not only to keep our park, we want to improve it for the future. There are many people willing to donate their time and equipment to do so. This park is for everyone to enjoy without having to “turn a profit;” however, with a little work, the park would easily pay its way.

We are being told that six new lanes of traffic into and out of the new Costco – 766 cars per hour – won’t have any impact on our park. There has been no environmental study or traffic study done. Why not? What about a traffic light to handle this volume of cars?

The tax figures we were given that would supposedly help Carson City were vague and misleading. Nothing was said regarding the cost for more police – approximately $450,000 for two full-time deputies (for two deputies it takes the hiring of nine people – to cover sick leave, vacation, shift changes, etc.)

The original Costco deal was to have been behind Capitol Ford but because the city put so many obstacles in the way, Costco decided on Douglas County instead. Then, to entice the chain store back, the land across from the park was offered at a very low price. However, no one else, including the general public, was allowed to bid on this property.

These are only some of the issues involved here. I feel this board of supervisors has a “public obligation” to address all of these issues in a forthright, honest and courteous manner instead of trying to bulldoze this through as quickly and quietly as possible.

Would you consider sending a representative to the crucial Feb. 6 meeting at Fuji Park at 1 p.m. to hear both sides?

Opening day of the new Costco – the very first 766 cars – will forever alter the tranquility and beauty of our wonderful park.