Remember Pearl Harbor and all vets |

Remember Pearl Harbor and all vets

by Carolyn DeMarand Maizie Harris Jesse

Remember that today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor … the day we were plunged into World War II … so remember those who served … they deserve all our thanks and the best we can give them … and for those currently serving … we are grateful … may they come home soon and safely …

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Now, just to show you we haven’t lost our sense of humor … this story is dedicated to Rex Baggett (who told it to us), our Republican friends (yes … we still have some), and Vernon Latshaw (whom we highly respect, but don’t always agree with). “A little old man shuffled up to the gate of the White House and asked a young Marine on guard, “Is President Kerry in today?”

The Marine looked at the man and politely said, “Sir, Mr. Kerry is a senator … President Bush lives here.” Without a word, the gentleman went slowly on his way. The next day, the same gentleman approached the same Marine and asked, “Is President Kerry in today?”

Again, the Marine said, “Sir, Mr. Kerry is a senator … President Bush lives here.” And the man shuffled off once more.

On the third day, the scene was repeated … the old man went up to the same Marine and asked again, “Is President Kerry in today?” As before, the Marine politely informed him, “Mr. Kerry is a senator … President Bush lives here … but sir, I have told you that for three days running … why do you keep asking me?”

The old man grinned impishly at him … “I just love hearing you say it … ” (aaaaargh)

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When Jason Fuller (now of Fuller Collision on Deer Run Road) was little, his grandfather, “Papa,” would dress up like Santa Claus and bring him presents. Jason “believed” until the year he looked carefully at Santa and observed “Santa’s wearing Papa’s boots.” Gee, Jason … we’re sure it was a loan because they were so comfortable … and you know how much work Santa has to do Christmas Eve … (pheeew … that was close … )

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Hearty congratulations to the Carson Senator Junior PeeWee Blue … they went to Orlando, Fla., after winning the Pacific Northwest Championship … and will compete this week for the national Pop Warner championship … way to go, team …

Debbie McDonald went with them … but we secretly think it’s because she has a “thing” for Mickey Mouse … and maybe she can get the question answered, “Why does Goofy stand up and talk, while Pluto is on all fours and barks?” … they’re both dogs … (from “Questions that really need answers”)

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Stuff … don’t you just love the little old lady in the Staples ad taking pictures with a stapler (shades of us in a year or two)? And living vicariously through Rick Gunn and his stories and pictures of China? Don’t forget to go up to WNCC tonight at 7 to see their tree lighting and hear their Concert Choir Holiday Concert … $3 each (that includes hot chocolate and cookies … yum) … call 445-4249 for information … t’will be loverly …

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More stuff … there are 52 “bowl” games this season … who cares? If you don’t get “invited” to one … start your own. And for those who chew gum in public … you and cows have a lot in common. The decorations on the Capitol Tree are a bit sparse … just strings of lights … we think it should be a bit more exciting … or have we not paid the light bill lately?

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Nan Watanar of The Basil just got back from Bangkok, Thailand, where she assists schools and hospitals. She’s trying to supply them with computers and is looking for some and the means to get them there. We’re glad she’s back, because now she can join TJ and Paul in their Thai dancing some evenings after dinner … just hope we don’t join in …

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We would personally like to thank Stephanie Arrigotti (who will no doubt kill us) for being the driving force behind Alicia Karau’s new-leg fund … a gentleman in Reno kindly added the rest of the money already collected to see that her dreams come true … any additional money donated to the Bank of America account will be used for Alicia’s medical bills … so, thank you, Stephanie, and all who helped, for being such a wonderful person and recognizing that the community would come together for such a wonderful cause …

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And here’s a tip for the holidays from Sherry Hester … “Do not have a snack before going to a party in an effort to control your eating. The whole point of going to a Christmas party is to eat other people’s food for free. Lots of it. Hello?”

And … “Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately … go next door, where they’re serving rum balls … ”

Carolyn DeMar and Maizie Harris Jesse are longtime Carson City residents. Write to them at