Richard Martin guest column: America deserves better |

Richard Martin guest column: America deserves better

Richard Martin

There are times in the history of a nation when the state of affairs reaches such a level of absolute insanity as to cause even the most permissive of observers to pause in utter disbelief. This is such a time in America! We have, by intent or by willful ignorance, allowed our beloved country to descend to the pit of global humiliation and worldwide derision.

Any thoughtful individual who takes pride in what has once been considered the most desirable nation on the planet is now left with little choice but to shake his or her head in embarrassment. We are currently engaged in a political process so devoid of any semblance of decency or real leadership that no emerging country in the world would want to emulate this fiasco.

The frontrunners of our present election soap opera have become the poster children for dishonesty, bombastic bullying, and just outright infantile behavior. At a time when we as Americans desperately need a moral, self-controlled and truly experienced leader, we are presented with emotionally unstable, solution-absent and self-centered candidates with a decision track record that’s probably criminal by most accounts. The leading candidates for both parties appear unable to bring any kind of unity or respectable domestic or foreign policy to a country badly in need of both.

As sad as these facts may be, the greater tragedy is that we hold no one accountable for this situation. We seem willing to accept immoral, dishonest or even unqualified candidates, and then we embrace the most outlandish and failure-sure proposals they espouse. Common sense is absent, loyalty to our Constitution is unheard of, and if leadership by example is used as a measuring stick, we are in deep, deep trouble.

Wake up, America! This is still the greatest country in the world, and I for one would desire no place else to live. We have freedoms others long for, standards of living others risk life to obtain, and the ability to achieve greater than anyone. What is holding us back is our willingness to accept mediocre leadership and our unwillingness to hold those in positions of power and authority accountable. This is America, where the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. We should not accept a government by the government, for the government, and of the government! More importantly, we shouldn’t accept as leaders, those who are the laughingstock of the world.

Richard Martin, a Carson City resident, writes monthly “Counterpoint” articles.