Saying goodbye to an old friend and column contributor |

Saying goodbye to an old friend and column contributor

by Maizie Jesse Harris and Carolyn Tate

We had some very distressing news this week. Our friend, and oft-times contributor to this column DeeAnn Parsons passed away last Wednesday, very unexpectedly.

DeeAnn was one of those people you like to call “friend,” and a good friend she was. We both met her though Proscenium Players, and, while she had stopped acting in the last few years, she continued to support the group by showing up at all the plays. In fact, she just saw “Blithe Spirit” a couple of weeks ago, and, as usual, had sent us some jokes this past week.

It is hard to think of her passing without mentioning the family she loved, daughters Shelly and Deena and her ex-husband, Jim Lien, with whom she remained good friends over the years. M’s favorite DeeAnn role was as one of the “Pigeon sisters” in “The Odd Couple.”

There will be a memorial in about a month remembering her life. We will let you know when and where. She was a dear lady, and we will miss her sense of humor and the memories we had in our “acting careers.”

We think it’s only fitting that we run one of DeeAnn’s jokes this week … “Two Mexican detectives were investigating the murder of Juan Gonzalez. ‘How was he killed?’ asked one detective. ‘With a golf gun,’ the other replied. ‘A golf gun? What is a golf gun?’ ‘I don’t know,’ the detective replied, ‘but, it sure made a hole in Juan.'”

(draw a big grin in here —)


The first “Let’s Dance Carson City,” was a great success for the Nevada Public Health Foundation and Carson Area Wellness Coalition. During its four-week run, it had full houses almost every Saturday night, so we’re hoping they’ll run it again next year. John Liveratti and his partner, Kaitlan Polkinhorn, were the overall winners, with Helaine Jesse and Brett Mooneyham coming in second (gee … who’s proud about that one?) Ron Knecht and Amanda Hughes were voted “most improved,” while Sheriff Kenny Furlong and DeAnn Rife were the “most entertaining.”

Everyone did well, in our opinion, and Rota Rosaschi, the executive director, and her committee have a lot to be proud of. We hope they will repeat the event next year.

The other great contestants all deserve a pat on the back, and they are: Norma Conway and Rob Savidge; Linda Ritter and Earl Case; Anne Langer and Matthew Jacobson; and Juan Guzman and Erin Scully. All were troopers to the core and gave 100 percent.

If you have a hankering to learn to dance “like the pros,” Never Enough Ballroom, will be starting dance training every Wednesday night at the BAC (West Coast swing classes are already there on Thursdays). Call the BAC for information at 883-1976.


Good news for Coach Terry Gingell of Empire Ranch and the Carson High girls golf team … he and senior Lydia Peri, the regional winner, go to the state tournament in Las Vegas this week.

Good luck, Lydia. Here’s hoping you do really well! Coach Gingell also told us that the girl’s golf team has a 3.84 GPA, and that Lydia is a 4.0 student. Wow … athletes and brains, too. A great combination.


Well, ratz … Father Jeff Paul is NOT the new bishop (the Very Reverend Dan Edwards from Macon, Ga., was selected), but “Don’t cry for him, Argen … ‘er, Carson City.” He’ll still be here at the Episcopal Church, and, since we think he’s a great guy, we’re not unhappy at the choice (and, no, he didn’t ask us).


The Carson City Symphony has two events coming up … on Friday, violinist Andrew Sords will be in recital at a private home in Jacks Valley. Reservations are a must … please call 883-4154 ($20 for nonmembers; $10 for Association members). Also, their concert, conducted by David Bugli, “From Vienna to Area 51: a Musical Journey,” will be Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Community Center; $12 general admission, $10 for members, and FREE for ages 16 and under. Be prepared to hear some wonderful music.


The dance-competition team from Western Nevada Performing Arts Center, under the artistic direction of Gina Kaskie-Davis, will be performing Saturday at 3 p.m. with an exhibition and “high tea” at the Brewery Arts Center, with another performance to follow at 7 p.m. that will feature a “wine flight and dessert.” Tickets are $15 and $25, respectively, and will help fund their performance at Disneyland the next weekend. Call 886-6023 for reservations, or just show up at the door. Fun for everyone.


And happy birthdays to Helaine Jesse, Ryan Jesse (not twins, just relatives) and Paul Cote.


Speaking of dancing (and we were), SOMEONE (whose initials are MHJ) went to have lunch at the Fandango’s new Ti Amo Restaurant last week, stubbed her toe on the floor, and took a header right into it. “Grace” has the most beeyoutiful black eye you’d ever hope to see, right down to the bruised knee, cut finger and the new blood-dripping arch under her right eyebrow. Simply lovely.

After 13 years of dancing (including the USO and Army Special Services), you’d think she could sashay around her clumsy feet … alas, no … and the wait staff and the security guards were treated to the sight of M on the floor of the restaurant.

Thanks to Ted A., Ken, Joe, Cassandra, Melissa, Tanya, and two patrons, Darice and Daniel, and one unnamed lady, for all their assistance and kindness. NO thanks to CT, who took pictures with her cell phone and giggled throughout (actually, she WAS concerned at first, but then realized that M would live and burst out laughing … humph). Guess we know who’s NOT going to be in “Let’s Dance Carson City” next year.


Joe Spencer sent us this one: “A man was feeling a bit depressed, so he called the Depression Help Hotline. He was put through to a ‘Call Center’ in Syria. He then explained that he was feeling suicidal. They got very excited at this news and wanted to know if he could drive a truck or fly an airplane…'” Bummer.

Have a great week!

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