School experience not very encouraging |

School experience not very encouraging

Tim Holdsworth, Carson City

Bill Hanlon just wrote an article about math failures in our high schools. He stated the failure rate is so high because, “The Council to Establish Academic Standards is demanding teachers cover more material than their students can possibly master.”

My experience on the subject is limited to approximately five weeks my granddaughter has attended Carson High. During a biology class , the teacher showed a short film on biology and then instructed the kids to do a lab experiment. He watched a college basketball playoff game while the kid’s did the experiment. Last week in English, the teacher had the kids watch a movie called “Big Daddy” while the teacher did some paperwork. On numerous occasions my granddaughter has had substitute teachers. They do not teach. When I talked to a vice principal about the situation he stated substitute teachers are hard to get and at $80 a day they are just baby sitters.

Am I teacher bashing? No, this is just what I have experienced in the last few weeks. I am a volunteer at Fritsch Elementary School. I have the pleasure of helping two of the finest second grade teachers I have ever met. Ms. Bakst and Mrs. Davies have the task of teaching young kids math and proper use of the English language. They also teach these second-graders the use of computers, history, the arts, self-esteem and much more. My point is that these second-graders handle an array of subjects that are very complex to them and the majority of the kids master these subjects. The dedication of these second-grade teachers a lot of parental involvement makes it work.

Parents of young people in Carson High, get involved and ask your kids what went on in class to day. Then listen.