Senior Center must improve food, facilities |

Senior Center must improve food, facilities

This letter is way overdue to inform the Nevada Appeal and Carson City officials of what is happening at the Carson City Senior Center.

First of all, the food is not very good, and many seniors no longer attend the luncheons. For some seniors, that is their only meal for the day, and the food is horrible. Many times it is burnt. Whatever happened to cooking from scratch instead of frozen food and microwaves?

We have been cut back on so many items. Now we have been cut back to one cup of coffee, which is a small cup, per day. If you want a second up of coffee, they will charge us 50 cents. Coffee that sells for $6 per pound equals 5 cents a cup served in a 6-ounce cup. However, the staff, who get paid by the city, get all the carafes of coffee they want. What happens to whatever is left over? It gets poured down the sink.

They announced in September that we would be charged for the second cup of coffee, and the room was filled with “Boos.” The following Monday and Tuesday, the attendance was way down.

Thursday is our day to play bingo. We look forward to this day. The bingo board has not worked right in years, and we have asked time and again to please fix it or replace it because all the numbers will not light up.

All we ever hear are excuses. Please, somebody help us. The senior center is the only place where a lot of seniors are able to sit back and visit, which is their only entertainment for the day.

The center has a suggestion box, and forms have been filled out for months, but there are no changes, so what good is the suggestion? They claim they read them all, but we doubt it very much.

We, the seniors, have been cut out of a lot of things, just so it will look good on the paperwork for the city and certain individuals can keep their jobs.

Please step up, Carson City officials, and treat our seniors with dignity. We would like to have you show up sometime for lunch without notifying the center. We have noticed in the past that if any dignitaries show up, they are served different food and larger portions. Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m.

Other senior centers serve wonderful meals, and unless there is a change in our center, we will be going there, where the food is good and we can have all the coffee we want.

Ramona Long

Joe Snyder

Merrill Christenson

Dorothy Bradley

Dolores Miller

Ann K. York

Paul Miller