Silver Dollar and Wooden Nickel: Say a prayer for those serving this Memorial Day |

Silver Dollar and Wooden Nickel: Say a prayer for those serving this Memorial Day

The Nevada Appeal’s “Silver Dollar” and “Wooden Nickel” feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

SILVER DOLLAR: A silver dollar doesn’t seem near enough to honor those who have defended our country. The purpose of Monday’s holiday is not to barbecue or enjoy a day off, but to remember the fallen heroes who have given everything to protect our freedom and our heritage.

Whatever you are doing on Monday, we ask that you say a prayer for those who are currently in uniform and in harm’s way.

Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen, a Pearl Harbor veteran, used to end the family’s daily dinnertime prayer by saying, “Dear Lord, keep us strong, keep us safe, keep us free.”


SILVER DOLLAR: To the 463 graduates of Western Nevada College who earned degrees on Monday. Despite a difficult economic market and many looming challenges ahead, the graduates earned a combined 510 degrees and certificates, a 19 percent increase during the past two years. We were particular touched by the story of Cedric Williams. Williams, 50, earned his degree just days after his brother died. “I always wanted to be like my brother,” he said. “He told me to go back to school and get my degree.

“This is for him,” Williams said through his tears. “For him.”

SILVER DOLLAR: To Dick Campagni, who last week said he will match, up to $10,000, any donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada from first-time donors or someone giving more than they did previously. The match is good through July 1.

“The reason I do it is because I think it’s a great cause for the kids,” said Campagni, who has donated to the organization for the past eight years. “I believe in it.”

Hal Hansen, the executive director of the Carson City location, 1870 Russell Way, said they have about 2,500 children using the club, which provides a safe haven for children and teens during the school year and summer months. Hansen said they’re hoping to raise $100,000 during this fundraiser.

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