Silver Dollars and Wooden Nickels: Board plants seed to grow a fair |

Silver Dollars and Wooden Nickels: Board plants seed to grow a fair

The Nevada Appeal’s Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels feature recognizes achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out other acts that missed the mark.

SILVER DOLLAR: Carson City’s Board of Supervisors learned Thursday that Carson Mall could get another tenant next year. Joanne Holmes of Carrington Co., which owns the mall, told the board that a “national soft-goods chain” is looking at moving into 24,268 square feet of space there. It would join Sportsman’s Warehouse, which is set to open as the mall’s anchor tenant by March or April. Holmes said she couldn’t disclose the potential tenant’s identity, which falls in line with similar secrecy in the months of speculation before Sportsman’s Warehouse was identified. It’s great to see the mall filling up; those of us in the information-sharing business just wish officials didn’t have to be so tight-lipped.

WOODEN NICKEL: Our government shutdown’s great legacy so far involves leaving employees unable to work, jeopardizing programs that help the poor, shutting down national parks, hurting tourism and ruining vacations, and angering a voting populace weary of political gamesmanship. Nevada agencies can financially survive for about three weeks before they start to really feel the pinch, says state Department of Administration director Jeff Mohlenkamp. After that, programs that help our state’s most vulnerable residents would be left vulnerable themselves. Nevadans might differ on who’s to blame for the shutdown, but we all have every right to be angry about it.

SILVER DOLLAR: Carson High School’s Homecoming Court for 2013 was introduced Tuesday. Kudos to king candidates Chase Blueberg, Tony Cacioppo, Ivan Gates, Andrew Gutierrez, Adam Shoaf and Gehrig Tucker, and queen candidates Katie Atkinson, Tara Berkich, Josi Daggs, Skylar Jones, Kiahna Pimental and Rachel Streeter.

WOODEN NICKEL: Carson City’s third job fair of the year was held Friday at the Community Center. That’s worthy of a Silver Dollar. The Appeal’s headline on a story advancing the event on Page A2 Thursday was not; it stated that the job fair was set for Saturday. We hold others to a high standard in this column; we’ll hold ourselves to that same high standard.

SILVER DOLLAR: We’re closer to having a fair next year at Fuji Park. No, it’s not the oft-discussed state fair that officials hope would be a big draw for Carson; it’s billed the Nevada Sesquicentennial Fair. The Board of Supervisors on Thursday approved providing $75,000 in seed money for the fair, which would be July 30 through Aug. 3, with the provision that the money be repaid to the general fund afterward. Next year will be chock-full of sesquicentennial activities, and a fair is a welcome addition to the mix.