SILVER DOLLARS AND WOODEN NICKELS: Willingness to help a ‘Nugget’ of truth |

SILVER DOLLARS AND WOODEN NICKELS: Willingness to help a ‘Nugget’ of truth

SILVER DOLLAR: To the Carson Nugget, FISH and all those who volunteered their time to provide the Nugget’s annual free Thanksgiving feast last week which always serves hundreds every year.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Carmen Rank, a federal contractor to the Skyline Transition Assistance Advisor Program, who received the Governor’s Veteran of the Month Award. She’s known for her work in connecting Nevada National Guard and reserve members to resources as well as benefits earned through military service. She’s also known for doing so much more to help military members, veterans and their families. Rank began her military career by initially serving two years in the Nevada Army National Guard before becoming Active Guard Reserve (Active Duty Army). She retired in 2006 as a sergeant first class after 21 years of service, of which she spent the majority of her time in Carson City.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Pioneer High School teacher Don Bland for being honored with the Innovative Educator of the Year Award by the Nevada Association of School Boards. Also to the Carson City School District Board and Superintendent Richard Stokes for receiving the Governance Team of the Year Award and to Lahontan Valley News Editor Emeritus Steve Ranson for receiving the Media Award for Outstanding Education Reporting in a county with a population less than 100,000.

SILVER DOLLAR: Congratulations to Ken Sandage for being named as the Carson City Sheriff’s Office undersheriff. And to retiring Steve Albertsen for his service in the position.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Fawn Douglas, Loni Romo, Quecholli Fortnute Eagle and state Sen. Julia Ratti for being honored at the American Indian Achievement Awards for their contributions to the American Indian community.