Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels: Silver dollar to Carson’s growing tourism efforts |

Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels: Silver dollar to Carson’s growing tourism efforts

The Nevada Appeal’s “Silver Dollar” and “Wooden Nickel” feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

Silver dollar: To Muscle Powered, a local group dedicated to increasing biking and walking in Carson City. They received support from the Board of Supervisors to make a formal application to the League of American Bicyclists for Carson City to receive an official designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community. This is one of several movements afoot that could bring positive attention and tourist dollars to Carson City, along with the V&T Railroad and the new whitewater launch on the Carson River. Geotourism holds tremendous potential for Carson City, and it will be exciting to watch the progress our community makes in creating a world-class destination for outdoor enthusiasts and train buffs alike.

Wooden nickel: If we had a nickel for every wooden nickel we gave the unemployment rate … well, suffice it to say we are ready for this recession to give us a break. Nevada’s jobless rate continues to climb, hitting a new high in April of 13.7 percent. The gain was largely due to state and local governments shedding employees.

Silver dollar: To the graduating class of Western Nevada College, which is bestowing degrees and certificates of achievement this week on 451 students, in studies ranging from nursing to law enforcement to chemistry to fine arts. The community college is providing an invaluable service for those looking to start a new career or embark on their first job. We wish all the students, faculty and staff a hearty congratulations.

Wooden nickel: To the outdated system that prevents registered independents and minor party members from voting in a primary. As more voters join parties such as Tea Party, Green or Independent American, as well as independents, the traditional primary is exclusionary and outdated. Those who prefer not to label themselves “Republican” or “Democrat” are blocked from an important part of the election process. It’s time for Nevada to consider an open primary.