Some community issues create their own excitement |

Some community issues create their own excitement

Peter Starren

When moving to a new community I like trying to find the soul of the place. I try to find issues that get me excited. My experience tells me the soul of a place can be anywhere and that you can never really find the whole thing.

I did say that I’d write a column only when I had something to say. I haven’t been part of the community long enough to take shots at local and state political leaders. It really isn’t my style anyway and I’d rather take those shots via our editorials.

I do hereby maintain the right to take an occasional shot when overwhelmed by temptation. Besides, I can’t do anything more to some of them than what they do to themselves via community television. Beating up on state agencies like NDOT could be fun, but my time in California causes me to appreciate Nevada roads for now.

I love the news and tough public issues. It occasionally gets me excited. However, guaranteed excitement comes in the form of seeing good community service, and I actually think I have something to say on the topic.

What is it that makes a community? People helping people and doing so just because it’s the right thing to do. I’ve seen three terrific examples just this week.

I attended a lunch at Pinon Plaza with fellow fans of our local Boys & Girls Club. Two of the biggest fans, Dick Campagni and Clark Russell, were honored for their generosity. Kids aren’t direct customers of either of their businesses as far as I can figure out — these guys just support the club because they love kids.

The club cares for up to 500 of our community kids a day during the summer; 1420 kids attend their education programs each month. The local schools help by giving many kids a lift to the club. I’ve seen no better club. I’m excited about all of us helping them grow with our community.

Safe Grad night also gets me excited. A group too numerous to mention has slaved in the back of our warehouse here at the Appeal for over a month in preparation for graduation night. Building the decorations for the event and lining up volunteers for everything from chaperoning a trip to attending the event isn’t glorious, it’s hard work. These people know the risk of tragedy and are doing something about it. I’d like to thank each volunteer for your time and caring.

Finally, the Soroptimists held their annual comedy show/fund-raiser at the Nugget a few nights ago. The comedians were politically incorrect and profane. This made me love them. A huge crowd was on hand to endure their humor, all so that the Soroptimists could raise money for all the good they do in the community. It was exciting enough to make me miss the Kings game.

Incline Village is all excited because kids are leaving trash around the skate-park. Imagine, untidy teenagers. I just can’t get excited about those kinds of community issues.

Peter Starren is publisher of the Nevada Appeal.