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Speak loudly and often

Tom Riggins

Political correctness has sadly been a longstanding reality in modern society. I, along with many others, have poked fun at the often absurd and occasionally idiotic statements that have been conjured up in the name of political correctness, or PC as it is commonly called.

It is becoming more apparent by the day that the PC movement is more insidious at its core. In order to advance the socialist ideology in any form the left must stifle any verbal opposition. Thus it is imperative that any incentive toward disagreement be eliminated.

The hidden purpose, at least in the view of many, is to accomplish this goal. As with so many of the left’s agendas, their tactics are becoming more brazen as they feel emboldened with a tide they view as shifting in their favor. After all, they have basically obtained control of the higher education system and the media.

Recently, Colorado State University published an “inclusive language guide.” Banned words and phrases included he, she, him, her, Mr., Mrs., and Ms. It bans the phrase “hip, hip, hooray” because it supposedly has Nazi origins. Even the word homosexual is banned. Wait, I thought that was PC to use the word homosexual. Instead, the word “queer” is preferred, despite the fact that a few weeks earlier that word almost got conservative pundit Steven Crowder kicked off YouTube.

I am confused. What was PC apparently is not anymore, and what wasn’t now is. It is difficult to keep up with an ever-changing target. It is an impossibility and woe to the conservative who runs afoul of the latest PC term. Oh, I suppose using the word “target” is not allowed since it could be construed as violent.

The constant change I think is deliberate. If you can’t keep up with today’s PC you will be chastised, called names, and shunned by the “in group.” Eventually you are supposed to get tired of hitting that moving target (there I go again) and just shut up, which is the end goal.

Another goal is to use PC as a means of disarming Americans. So far 16 states plus the District of Columbia have enacted red flag laws. These are laws that allow courts to confiscate firearms from someone deemed a “threat.” Due process be damned, in this case you must prove your innocence after the fact, not prior to an order being issued. The so-called threat can be determined by law enforcement but anyone can lodge a complaint.

This is a new tool for the PC crowd. If you don’t like statements from your neighbor, lodge a complaint. If someone says a “trigger word” file a complaint. If you don’t think it can be abused, look to Oregon. An ex-Marine recently stated that he would shoot in defense at Antifa rioters if they attacked him. That was sufficient under Oregon’s red flag law for his firearms to be confiscated. Good luck getting them back, even if there is no cause later found by the court.

Doxing is another tool the PC crowd tries to use to shut you up. Doxing is the release of private information over social media and the internet. There have been numerous Facebook posts and websites that target business owners by disclosing their support for Trump. This one often backfires as Trump-supporting businesses when outed get inundated by Trump supporters.

Dave Chappelle is a comedian who skewers the left’s political sacred cows. His latest special “Sticks and Stones” is on Netflix. The language is a little coarse for my taste but it was worth watching. His show is a refreshing departure from the clapping seal crowd that comedy seems to cater to now. Chappelle went a whole show without mentioning Trump once. He instead joked in a deep-thinking way about abortion, homosexuality, and race, among other topics. Interestingly, the manner of his presentation is such that you can’t really tell where he stands politically. That is what comedy is supposed to be. Of course, the left is trying to shut down his show because he doesn’t fit the narrative.

If you have this overwhelming urge to be liked by everyone, then just shut up. It won’t work, since history shows that the left will only like you for a fleeting moment before discarding you. I suggest instead that you take a page from the Trump strategy. Speak up loudly and often, and damn the consequences. After all, the left can’t shut us up if we all speak up.