Students celebrate Thanksgiving |

Students celebrate Thanksgiving

Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer

Casey Wolfe, 7, left, and Ashlee Salsubry, 7, hold their Thanksgiving pilgrims along with the rest of their kindergarten class. Elementry school classes all over Carson City are making thanksgiving projects to learn more about the histroy of the holiday. Photo by Brian Corley

Students across Carson City are preparing for Thanksgiving with stories, artwork and other projects.

Alison Simmons and Susan Desrosiers developed several projects for their second-graders at Fremont Elementary School.

“It’s a national holiday,” Desrosiers said. “They really need to understand the true meaning of it. It’s the one day a year we can reflect on everything we have that we can be thankful for.”

Kendall Schneider, 8, is most thankful for his family.

“They’re real nice to me,” he said. “They give me presents and they always help me do my homework.”

It’s also a time for family to gather together.

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“People come over from other countries and get together,” said Morgan Hart, 7. “My aunt lives in Washington and she comes to Nevada.”

Of all the art projects the students completed this week, Mariah Whitmer most liked making pilgrims from paper plates.

“They’re fun to do,” she said. “You got to color them and decorate them how we wanted to do them.”

And the students went over the story of the first Thanksgiving.

“The Indians didn’t like the Pilgrims at first,” said Dustin Garza, 8. “But then they shared the land and shared all the food.”