Students exercising their right to question |

Students exercising their right to question

D.J. COSTELLA, Carson City

I would like to take issue with some of Ms. Funk’s comments in her letter to

the editor. Did she attend the school board meeting which is the

subject of her remarks? I did, and I did not see any ” foot stomping,” just

well mannered, young, independent thinkers exercising their rights.

Was she in the office when the administration told the students to ” go over

the principal’s head,” well, about seven students were. They were told by

the principal to go to the school board and that it was up to the board to


The events surrounding Mr. Adair’s health are unfortunate and we do

wish him God’s speed in his recovery, but this has nothing to do with this

issue. I am sure glad that Ms. Funk was not around when the founding fathers decided to throw some tea overboard. No nose ring for this family. Keep up the good work Ryan, we are proud of you.