Students, newspapers should show respect |

Students, newspapers should show respect

MARCIA FUNK, Carson City

As parents of a student that attends Carson High School, we find this article very disturbing. The fact of the matter is that this handful of rebellious students believe that they have the right to dictate policy themselves, without regard or respect for their school administration. The staff of Carson High School is dedicated, talented and very much oriented to the needs of their student body.

Since when did students have the the right to ask their principal for a modification of a standing rule that applies to the entire school for all dances, be told no and given the reasons why, be allowed to go over the head of their principal and stomp their feet in front of the school Board of Trustees and earn a front page article in the newspaper.

I am shocked at the irresponsibility of the Appeal. I am appalled at the attitude of this handful of disrespectful seniors of the school. The dance attendance rule applies to the entire school … for the safety of all students at every dance.

It is mentioned in the article that Principal Adair was not available for comment. Teri Vance was irresponsible or is just a sloppy journalist. Mr. Adair was not available for comment because he was undergoing surgery the day this article was published.

I hope that the Board of Trustees denies these students a place on the agenda and refers the entire matter back to the administration of the high school. That is where this issue rightfully belongs.It does not belong on the front page of the Appeal newspaper.

I cannot imagine what your staff had in mind by printing such an article with the young man smiling at the camera while his principal, only a few days before suffered a very serious heart attack. Furthermore, this article contains little merit. The high school adminstation enacted a policy for the well being of its student body. There have been no violations of civil rights, no law was broken. What we really should be reading is that we have a responsible, knowledgable human being running the high school that our children attend.

I think it is becoming that the Appeal and the students involved, especially their parents make a public apology to Principal Adair and his entire family.

We all agreed to the rules and signed the Behavior Code when our children were enrolled as students. It did not state that some rules would be open for discussion.

The only ones at fault here are the few students and their parents.

I applaud the High School Administration for sticking to their policies as set forth and I am relieved that the Board of Trustees supports Principal Adair.