Suggestions for McCain’s vice-presidential short list |

Suggestions for McCain’s vice-presidential short list

WARREN BUFFETT. World’s richest man can’t hurt, in case the campaign needs a loan. Or the country.

JAMES EARL JONES. The most trusted voice in show business.

DAN QUAYLE. Knows the drill.

ED MCMAHON. Knows the drill AND he knows the intro: “Here’s Joohhhnyyyyyy.”

RONALD REAGAN. Quit pussyfooting around. It’s what the base wants. Who cares if he’s dead? How much less animated is that from second term?

JEB BUSH. Ups the Bush streak to seven of last eight GOP tickets.

JOE LIEBERMAN. Invests campaign with bipartisan spin. Also returns “Joementum” to national lexicon.

KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON. Takes “woman” thing out of play.

CINDY MCCAIN. Takes “woman” thing out of play, and keeps it in the family.

COLIN POWELL. Takes “black” thing out of play.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE. Takes “woman and black” things out of play.

GEORGE CLOONEY. Takes “woman” thing out of play.

JOAN RIVERS. Takes “old” thing out of play. “Woman” thing still in play.

LARRY KING. Takes “old” and “woman” things out of play.

ANDY ROONEY. Really takes “old” thing out of play. No, really.

ALAN GREENSPAN. Wasn’t everything a whole lot better when he was in charge? And takes “old” thing out of play.

MARY CHENEY. Takes “lesbian” and “unwed mother” things out of play.

DICK CHENEY. What the hell. Something to be said for continuity.

FRED THOMPSON. Throws a bone to the conservative wing and makes candidate appear vibrant.

REGIS PHILBIN. A touch of Hollywood. “Old Hollywood,” but Hollywood nonetheless.

MIKE HUCKABEE. Plays “popular former governor of Arkansas” card.

RUDY GIULIANI. Sop to huge pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control wing of the GOP. Not to mention NEW YORK.

HILLARY CLINTON. Wants it so bad, she’d cross the aisle for death-watch slot.

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG. Independents? You want independents? We got your independents right here.

MIA HAMM. Soccer Moms? You want soccer moms. We got your soccer moms right here.

DALE EARNHARDT, JR. NASCAR dads? You want NASCAR dads? We got your NASCAR dads right here.

RON PAUL. Two words. Texas, Dammit.

TOM CRUISE. Scientologists are to Republicans what vegans are to hippies.

ADMIRAL STOCKDALE. Because America loves second chances.

CHUCK NORRIS. Locks down Huckabee contingent and firms up “Total Kick Ass” presidential ticket.

ELIOT SPITZER. Because America loves second chances.

THE VERIZON “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW” GUY. Brings huge network with him.

PAT ROBERTSON. You want to suck up to the Christian Right. Then suck up to the Christian Right.

MITT ROMNEY. Just to exploit the incredible chemistry between the two.

CHER. Campaign will never suffer from lack of wigs.

BRETT FAVRE. Terrific name recognition. Needs a job. Sews up Wisconsin and Mississippi.

JOHN MADDEN. Who doesn’t love John Madden? Brings total telestrator dominance to ticket.

KIEFER SUTHERLAND. What right-winger doesn’t love Jack Bauer? Torture question becomes moot.

TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD. Future-focused. Travel costs slashed. Low maintenance.

RUSH LIMBAUGH. If you can’t beat them, conjoin them.

WILLIE NELSON. You have any idea of what percentage of this country smokes pot?

SNOOP DOG. Puts the shasizzle back in the campaignizzle.

STEPHEN HAWKING. Not American-born. But who would quibble with smartest man in the world?

DONALD TRUMP. Makes everyone look humanoid in comparison.

SUNNY VON BULOW. Like Terry Schiavo, only alive. And rich.

KARL ROVE. Assassination insurance.



JACK KEVORKIAN. Looking to enter politics and makes top of the ticket lovable and youthful and animated. Also, see Karl Rove.

G. GORDON LIDDY. Because there comes a time when every president needs a human firewall.

– Comic, author, former oyster shucker and radio talk show host Will Durst is betting on some anonymous Midwestern Governor with little if any track record. Copyright ©2008 Will Durst, distributed by the Cagle Cartoons Inc. syndicate.