Talk of the Town: Carson City Leisure Hour Club |

Talk of the Town: Carson City Leisure Hour Club

Jenny Schnabel

I didn’t know anything about it

Didn’t know, it was in town

But Debbie Lane told me about it

It’s the “Leisure Hour Club”

It is the oldest club around

Originally formed as a literary club

In 1896

It was established to bring culture

To the wild west of Carson City

And bring us out of the sticks

Now with membership still growing

There are 100 members or more

They have the same goal as in the beginning

“Let knowledge grow from more to more”

(from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s in Memoriam)

The club meets from September to May

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month

Hosting a dinner buffet at the Carson City Nugget

With a little business and an interesting speaker

It’s a lively and social bunch

My husband and I attended the club’s

Last meeting of the year

Wonderful wild life photography from Africa

Presented by Patrick Pevey and Carol Grenier

Authors, scientists, wildlife experts

Local leaders too

You can always learn something about something

That perhaps you never knew

Knowledge is always wonderful

You can never get too much

When people stop learning

They become old and out of touch

Their mission has always remained the same

With knowledge and learning at the core

Join them in September

In a friendly social atmosphere

You’ll be coming back for more

Contact them: Leisure Hour Club on Facebook


P.O. Box 567, Carson City, NV 89702-0567