Talk of the Town: Local business helping resident plan for future |

Talk of the Town: Local business helping resident plan for future

Jenny Schnabel

“Nevada Retirement Planners”

What does that stand for?

How will you live your life

When you don’t work anymore?

It is a well thought out and structured plan

That will stand the test of time.

Eric Cheek will guide you.

So living a retired life

Can be very fine.

What is your risk factor?

Is it high or low?

He will form a plan for you

Based on that and personalized

So your assets grow.

Their (N.R.P.) success depends on you.

They’ll analyze your income needs.

Recommend appropriate distribution

With a strategy.

Continue to review and monitor

Your financial goals

So you can maintain your standard of living

And really rock and roll.

Utilize advanced planning strategies

To maximize Social Security for you.

Analyze your estate plan and concerns

So all your dreams come true.

Eric, Nicole, Patty and Michael

Work as a fine structured team.

As a fiduciary for your plan

It will be more than a dream.

They will work and do their job.

It won’t be just a guess.

You are first with your needs.

And for you, they’ll do their best.

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Nevada Retirement Planners offers service by appointment only at 123 W. Nye Lane, Suite 713 in Carson City, and at 275 Hill St., Suite 210 in Reno. To make an appointment, call 775-674-2222.