Talk of the Town: Saddle up pardner to Cowboy’s Liquor |

Talk of the Town: Saddle up pardner to Cowboy’s Liquor

Jenny Schnabel

Cowboy’s Liquor

It has a western theme

But no need to wear your chaps

Or faded cowboy jeans

Kelly, Kate or Rhiannon

Will greet you at the door

Their customer service is great

It will keep you coming back for more

Always great discounts

And specials you can see

They have wine tastings on Friday evenings

For anyone

And it’s free

Specialty drinks are my favorite

With prosecco or champagne

They are the very best

You must try an Aperol spritzer or Limosa

You certainly won’t feel stressed

Of course, there’s beer and wine

And hard liquor, we all know

Accessories for your bar, with gift bags

For people on the go

I know it’s “Cowboy’s” Liquor

But cowgirls are welcome too

The girls will help you with your needs

You’ll feel most welcome, too!

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Cowboy’s Liquor is at 444 E. William St., Suite 5. Hours are 9 a.m.-9 p.m., except on Sundays when hours are 9 a.m.-7 p.m. The store can be reached at 775-461-3999.