Talk of the Town: Tanja Musselman Photography |

Talk of the Town: Tanja Musselman Photography

Jenny Schnabel

Are you excited about your life

With the job you need to do?

Tanja Musselman is your photographer

She will do the job for you

“Tanja Musselman Photography”

It is right here in our town

From the “BAC-Expresso Yourself Cafe”

To the “Gather Restaurant” and “Intimate Design’s Floral”

Her photos do abound

She’s been here in Carson City

Since the early ’70s

Married to husband Everett for 34 years

He told her she could do as she pleased

By the way, he has a group

“Trippin’-King-Snakes” here in town

Tanja will take pictures for your event

And with their music you can dance around

Tanja’s always excited for a challenge

And a new venue

Whether it’s a wedding, a person or animal

She will take care of you

Susan Taylor was her inspiration

Teaching Tanja photography

What a special blessing

Photography made Tanja indeed

Tanja’s warm and personable

It’s easy for you to see

How she captures all the moments of joy

And emotions in life

With wonderful photography!

“There is beauty everywhere … you just have to look for it.”

“Tanja Musselman Photography”

775-315-3109, tanjamusselman@gmail

Weddings, portraits, boudoir, pets, children. All events