Tax district for parks could be |

Tax district for parks could be

by Nancy Dallas

DAYTON — A special taxing district may be formed if Central Lyon County residents indicate they are willing to pay an additional assessment for park maintenance and improvements.

Lyon County Assistant District Attorney Steve Rye said he is not aware of any ordinance giving the county the authority to assess different taxes in separate areas of the county. The Central Lyon County Park District tax would include only Mound House, Dayton, Stagecoach and Silver Springs.

“They must establish some sort of taxing district,” he said. “The ballot question, or questions, must be phrased to show a willingness to create a district that would include a tax and/or even the feasibility of establishing such a district.”

Wanting more information on the issue and time to construct a ballot question, Lyon County commissioners last week delayed taking action on a request from the Central Lyon County Park Tax Committee to place a question on the November 2002 ballot asking for voter approval of a 5-cent tax increase.

According to Rye, if a district is established and a tax assessed, it would be the option of the county commissioners whether to continue to budget money for the park department.

The issue will be reconsidered at the June 20 commission meeting.