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Teri Vance: Good vibrations: Plenty of summer events

Teri Vance
Jason Gardner competes in the newspaper toss during the End of Bike Week Party on Friday evening in McFadden Plaza.
Randy Gaa

As I wrote about in last week’s column, I served as a judge for this year’s Rockabilly Riot.

I shouldn’t have worried about my role in determining someone else’s beauty, as it was a display of a variety of women from all walks of life, ages and body types. The winner was Lottie Deno, a 70-year-old woman from Gardnerville.

Deno was planning on entering her original 1965 Chevy Nova — which she drives and also works on — when it broke down.

In a move to restore her spirits, she joined the Miss Rockabilly Riot contest and won.

It was a real delight to see the diversity of entrants and to see how the crowd embraced them, especially Lottie.

After Rockabilly Riot, my husband and I ventured downtown where Double Shot was playing in McFadden Plaza. We hung out there for a bit as we were a little late to make The Original Wailers, who were kicking off the Levitt Amp Concert Series at the Brewery Arts Center.

Last weekend was also the Carson City Airport’s annual Open House.

With the weather warming up and all the events kicking off, it felt like the official start of summer. And the fun is just going to keep coming.

The Independence Day Carnival starts this weekend in Mills Park. The Angry Brians play Saturday at the BAC. The Farmers Market will be running at Curry and Third streets on Saturdays, and don’t forget the Ghost Walk.

Last week, I took my nieces to the outdoor movie at McFadden Plaza, and everyone had a great time. The next one will be “The Princess Bride” at 7 p.m. July 26.

Of course, there will be a fireworks display in Mills Park put on by RSVP on Wednesday in celebration of Independence Day.

These events are but a drop in the bucket when it comes to everything planned in Carson City this summer. Go to VisitCarsonCity.com to see everything that’s happening.

It’s always surprising to me how quickly summer comes to an end, and I always have a little bit of regret I didn’t adequately take advantage of it.

We’re fortunate to live where the weather doesn’t get too terribly hot and the community is active with a variety of events.

So let’s get out there and enjoy it.

However, as with all things, moderation is key. I know I can get so caught up in what I “should” be doing to have fun I forget it’s actually supposed to be fun.

It’s a phenomenon that’s come to be known as “fear of missing out,” or FOMO.

According to Psychology Today, “FOMO frequently provokes feelings of anxiety and restlessness, often generated by competitive thoughts that others are experiencing more pleasure, success, or fulfillment in their lives than they are. It can also be a response to a conscious or unconscious fear of aging and/or dying.”

Lest this column provoke anxiety, it’s not to say you have to get out and partake of every event this summer. It is, however, a suggestion to bask in the glow of the sunshine and friendships before fall takes us by surprise.