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Teri Vance: Today’s caucuses become family affair

Teri Vance

Karel Ancona of Dayton is no stranger to the caucus procedure. She has participated in several over the years.

However this year is something special. She will be casting her vote at Dayton High School today with both of her daughters Emily, 20, and Natalie, 18.

“They’re both very passionate,” she said. “To be able to caucus with them is profound. That’s going to be the coolest part about it.”

All three, Ancona said, will join the delegation for Bernie Sanders.

“The thing I like about Bernie is that he has been saying the same things his entire career,” she said. “I know what he stands for, and for me, that counts.”

The Nevada Democratic caucuses are happening today. The Republicans will caucus Tuesday.

Regardless of candidate choice or political affiliation, Ancona, who said she regularly votes across party lines, urges voters to take part in the process.

“If you have any commitment to seeing the candidate of your choice on the ballot in November, you have to show up for the caucus,” she said. “In Nevada, there’s a sense of immediacy when it comes to politics. That’s one of my favorite things about this state.”

Winning candidates will send their delegates on to the state and national conventions to determine the representatives for the Republican and Democratic parties.

Nevada is worth 43 delegates at the Democratic National Convention. A candidate needs 2,382 of the 4,763 total delegates to clinch the nomination.

Nevada is worth 30 delegates to the Republican National Convention. They’re split proportionally based on caucus night results. A candidate needs 1,237 of the 2,472 total delegates to win the nomination.

Roger Haynes, chairman of the Carson City Republican Party, said participants will have a choice to debate candidates, become involved in party policy or simply cast a vote for a candidate.

“This is our time to express our direction for who we want to see as our leader as president of the United States,” Haynes said.

Ancona pointed out this is a chance to make a difference in the political process.

“I have never been into the ideal that our votes don’t count. I am Pollyannaish about this,” she said. “We get to have our say.”

To learn more about the procedures and locations for the Nevada caucuses, go to http://nvdems.com/caucus/locations/ or http://caucus.voter-science.com/home/Nevada/index.