Thank you, Army Pfc. Brandon Williams |

Thank you, Army Pfc. Brandon Williams

Most of the mourners who showed up for Army Pfc. Brandon Williams’ funeral on Saturday had never met the Douglas High School graduate.

It didn’t matter. Nor did anyone’s opinion on the war matter.

Not on this day.

All that did matter was that Williams, who was killed by sniper fire in Iraq, receive the honor that’s due anyone who gives his or her life for our country.

More than a thousand people showed up to do just that, and it seemed that nearly everyone carried a United States flag. The outpouring, on a golden autumn day, was so overwhelming that it seemed time stood still as his funeral procession passed. People stopped what they were doing and went to the roadside to pay their respects to a man whose military service was inspired by patriotism and a desire to help others.

Some came out to ensure that wacko protesters from a Kansas-based religious group did not dishonor Williams’ sacrifice, as they had threatened.

It’s fortunate, for their own good, that they stayed out of Nevada.

Williams is among more than 90 soldiers who have given their lives this month in Iraq.

We are humbled at and thank all of them for their sacrifice.